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According to the study, there are 1.2 million people living with HIV / AIDS in the US, with an estimated 38 million people worldwide. Other regions significantly affected by HIV and AIDS include Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Gay, bisexual and other MSM people are much more likely to be infected with HIV / AIDS than the general population. 1 in 6 gay and bisexual men with HIV / AIDS are unaware they have it.

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If you already have HIV / AIDS, it can put your HIV-negative partners at greater risk of getting HIV / AIDS from you. If you are looking for a positive partner, consider going to places where you will meet other people living with HIV / AIDS. Searching for love in the offline world is an exhausting and often fruitless endeavour especially for people living with HIV / AIDS. You're thinking about how he or she will react when to disclose your HIV / AIDS status. Luckily, we are an online positive dating community that was created solely and specifically for people like you.

STD Cupid is a secure HIV / AIDS dating site where you don't have to worry about rejection or discrimination. With STD Cupid that supports and connects people who are positive, you can skip the part about disclosure altogether and just focus on finding someone you like for who they are, and who likes you back for the same reason.

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What We Do For You

STD Cupid is focused on providing a secure online dating platform solely dedicated to people who have HIV / AIDS seeking friends, love, hope and relationships. Our vision was and is to build a special community where people who is in the same situation as themselves and who can understand their feelings and emotions can meet each other so much easier. By joining us, you will be surprised at our active POZ members. Your experience will be enjoyable and relaxing. Your private information will be kept confidential. Keep in mind that having HIV / AIDS doesn't make you any less desirable or valuable as a partner. There is no need to be afraid to look for a loving relationship . You still have every right to a positive and healthy relationship. This is vital to making a relationship work.

Start Your Life Anew

Singing up for STD Cupid is free. If you are living or infected with HIV / AIDS, and seeking support, friendship, romance or relationships, This is the right place for you. Create your profile and get instant access to local women and men who understand your situation. So don't hesitate to join the site and start your life anew.